Body Products

Body Products

Here is a list of the Earth Sap body products that I keep in stock. They are products that I trust and use myself and I have complete faith in them.

after shave balm – east indies R84.95

bath salts – wild rose and lavender R51.60

body wash – citrus and ginger R62.61

body wash – mens east india R62.61

conditioner – pomegranate and soy R51.68

deodorant – east indies R39.02

hand sanitizer spray R35.16

liquid soap – orange valencia R51.52

roll-on muscle rub and massage R36.03

roll-on bugs away R36.03

shampoo – pomegranate and soy R51.68

shampoo – east india R51.68

tea tree lotion 15% R41.30

toothpaste – tea tree, mint & herb R35.32

please note all prices are subject to change without prior notice. All stock is subject to prior sale.