Tandy Sales

Welcome to the website of Tandy Sales. This business has been a journey which started when I was very young. I grew up in a home where alternative therapies were embraced. As a teenager I learnt about the meridians in the body for Shiatsu and Reflexology treatments and when I went to university to study Clinical Psychology I started studying the use of essential oils specifically related to what I was studying. As my interest in using essential oils grew, I also started making my own products. Now I source products to sell that make use of essential oils. I have also studied Bach Flower Remedy treatments and find this extremely useful and helpful. I have always been interested in food and I currently write a food blog. I have been creating recipes on this blog since 2010 but I actually started blogging in 2009. As my interest in food goes hand in hand with my interest in good health, I have recently completed a graduate course in nutrition. I hope to be able to offer great, usable advice to people who are looking to sustain or start a healthy life style program.

I try and use natural products where ever possible, and if they are organic that is a bonus. The biggest aim for me is to support local industry first and foremost. My products are locally manufactured and in my opinion are the best I can find. Products can be posted anywhere in the world, and orders over R500 will be delivered free of charge to anyone in the Helderberg Basin. Click on the link to see what I have in stock. I created a list of what I have in a first aid kit that you may find to be of interest.